federico urfer arquitecto’s “casa PLC” is a modern house on a hill

shaping the argentinian hills

Perched atop a hill in Cordoba with architecture by Federico Urfer, Casa PLC offers breathtaking views of Argentinathe mountainous landscape. The design of lodge is largely informed by its sloping site, the topography of which is shaped by a switchback ramp to provide access from the street below. Upon arrival, occupants are greeted by the modern home that opens wide to the north and west, its interiors flooded with natural light and framing unobstructed views. The south facade remains closed to shelter the dwelling from colder winds, these spaces being reserved for traffic and services.

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federico urfer points the house to the sun

Directed by architect Federico Urfer, the design team shapes his Casa PLC with deep eaves and pergolas to invite natural light while shielding the interiors from excessive radiation during the summer. For facades with more western exposure, the team uses two strategies: ‘in the case of the bedrooms, most of this facade was closed by a double-insulated wall, leaving only a small horizontal opening which allows the mountains to be seen from the bed, with a mechanized roll-up curtain, which allows ‘open or close this view from there place.’

For the living room and dining room, the whole facade was opened up with French doors and fixed glass to incorporate the distant views of the mountains and the nearest from the terraces of the same lot, but a hanging screen was left of the roof which serves as a sunshade, protecting this facade in its most critical points.’

Federico Urfer

a house divided into two volumes

Casa PLC is organized by Federico Urfer and his team as a pair of rectangular volumes that meet at a strategic 102 degree angle. This layout emphasizes a visual perspective with a ‘usage sharing node, private and social.’ The architects comment that the unevenness of the site, and the generation of terraces and ramps’was solved in a constructive way, with exposed concrete retaining walls, which give the image of a base on which rests this house with two articulated volumes, with very light facades made, mainly by complete glazing.

Federico Urfer
the swimming pool seems to disappear into the landscape

Federico Urferdeep overhangs provide shade during the summer months

Federico Urferthe sloping site is negotiated with ramps and terraces

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