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The third and final season of ‘Westworld’ serves as the jumping-off point for the HBO series, with the dystopian sci-fi drama venturing outside the Wild West-themed android amusement park where it is centered. and the futuristic world of Los Angeles circa 2058. Executing this ambitious undertaking required 3,000 stunning special effects from nine different specialist companies! As Visual Effects Supervisor Jay Worth explained to VFX Voice, “Every square inch of every frame is engineered. You can’t really point the camera anywhere in the [“Westworld”] world without [visual effects]the art department or the costume having to touch it.

The cast and crew also had to venture a bit outside of the “Thirty Mile Zone” to create the highly stylized real-world setting of season three, visiting places as far-flung as San Diego, Singapore, and Australia. Spain. Production designer Howard Cummings’ dizzying schedule told Architectural Digest: “This year has truly been a global endeavor. In fact, I haven’t slept much.

The exhaustive efforts were well worth it, however. In a show that has become synonymous with beautiful settings, the third season stands out, with episodes using architectural gems such as the City of Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia, the Singapore School of Arts and Crescent House in Valencia. Encinitas.

Allegedly located in Beihai, China in the series, the latter is actually perched atop a steep cliff about 25 miles north of San Diego at 532 Neptune Ave. (Remember, this is a private home or owned in any way.) And fans with deep pockets will soon have the chance to make all their “Westworld” fantasies come true as the house is expected to hitting the market in mid-May! Rejected by Kelly Howard and Lisa Waltman of Compass, the trophy has a price tag of $23.5 million. Both longtime residents of Encinitas, the two agents describe the abode as “on its own in terms of uniqueness and quality.” A monument of concrete, steel and glass boasting an impressive 74-foot frontage of the Pacific Ocean, the structure is truly unmatched in virtually every way.

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