How double-digit profit margins are achievable with modern restaurant technology

The average profit margin for a single-location full-service restaurant was only 6.2% in 2019, and this was before the pandemic, the recent 7.8% increase in cost of goods, shrinking labor supply and rising labor costs. Since then, the margins have only narrowed.

What if your restaurant could achieve double-digit profit margins?

A new white paper from SpotOn shows that by strategically implementing new technologies, you can increase revenue and reduce costs one step at a time. Add a new tool, add to your bottom line. Half a point here, two points there, adding the margins you deserve.


Along with all the other challenges restaurants face, consumer habits have changed dramatically. Half the battle to increase margins has to happen before customers walk into your restaurant by meeting them where they are: online.

  • Restaurant queries are in the top 20 of over 64,000 searches performed every second on Google. Having a Google My Business profile and keeping it regularly updated is crucial to appearing in local searches, a chore much easier with a SpotOn integration to claim your profile in minutes (instead of days) and put Automatically updates your menu information, schedules and photos.
  • 94% guests decide where to eat by reading reviews. SpotOn helps you manage your online reputation by consolidating reviews and ratings from multiple sites into a single dashboard and sending new review notifications so you can browse review sites to respond.
  • For full-service restaurants, a digital reservation system is essential to fill tables and help predict labor scheduling and inventory. However, many booking systems take a big chunk of the profit, with platform and per person fees. With SpotOn Reserve, you can increase visibility by allowing customers to reserve a table directly from Google, while reducing costs and retaining customer data to use for marketing campaigns.

During the service

Once customers walk in, the built-in technology can help you turn tables faster with fewer servers, while increasing average tickets and tips, helping you improve your margins and retain your employees.

  • People now expect to be able to order takeout and deliver from their mobile phones, but third-party delivery apps charge huge commissions. With SpotOn Order, restaurants allow customers to order directly from them, avoiding these 30% commissions, with a 28% increase in transactions, on average.
  • QR codes are back in full force, even find their way in fine dining establishments. Restaurants using SpotOn QR in 2021 saw a 65% increase in revenue and 7% in tipping for staff.
  • For full-service restaurants, portable POS devices allow servers to serve more tables by minimizing trips to place orders. Restaurants using SpotOn Serve handheld devices saw a 16% increase in check amount and 5% increase in average tip amount.
  • Full-service restaurants can also benefit from a digital waiting list and table management system, not only to increase front desk efficiency, but also to limit crowds and bridge no-shows and cancellations. . SpotOn Reserve also allows your guests to add themselves to your online waitlist and see real-time wait times and two-way text messages.
  • For restaurants with counter service, a loyalty program is a proven method to boost loyalty and increase revenue. With SpotOn Loyalty, restaurants saw an average $650 increase in transaction-day revenue, thanks to frictionless point-of-sale integration and built-in marketing capabilities.


After customers leave, technology can help you save time with automations and give you smarter data to improve operations.

  • What are your most (and least) sold items? What are your busiest days and hours by the minute? The answer is in the data. SpotOn Restaurant POS makes it easy to find the information you need with over 75 real-time, interactive reports that give you actionable insights into nearly every aspect of your operation. And they’re cloud-based, which means you can access them from anywhere.
  • Scheduling, labor compliance, tip pooling, and payroll preparation are time-consuming and tedious, but with SpotOn’s POS integration with Dolce, you’re able to streamline these. tasks and retain employees with faster and more flexible tip payment options, posted exchanges, and more.

When you work so hard, it can be disheartening to see how much of that effort is reflected in your bottom line. This is because hard work is not what is missing. Hard work can’t reduce third party delivery cost. It can’t knock your staff out of the clock any faster. It can’t deliver food to your guests more efficiently. But embedded technology can, and by taking a strategic approach to implementing the right pieces of technology, combined with your hard work and passion, you can be well on your way to hitting double-digit profit margins. Learn more about

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