Inside Hyatt Centric Austin, the dazzling new modern hotel on Congress Avenue

OBMI is a nearly century-old architectural firm behind some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. With offices located in popular destinations like Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Dubai and Madrid, OBMI Architects have designed striking getaways in over 100 countries. Now the design firm (which opened a new design studio called UCO Studio, with a flagship in Dallas) is setting its sights on Austin with the new Hyatt Centric Austin.

The Hyatt Centric South Congress Austin is set to open in early October along Congress Avenue. The dazzling new modern hotel is located right next to the historic center of the city. Primal Theater (circa 1915) and is a few blocks from the Texas Capitol building itself.

With 25 years of experience in hotel design and a portfolio of projects in more than 20 countries, the director of UCO Eric Ulmann certainly knows what goes into creating a memorable hotel. He answered a few questions from PaperCity on the new Hyatt Centric Austin.

Located next to the historic Paramount Theatre, Hyatt Centric will soon bring its modern touch to Austin.

Here’s your preview of Austin’s newest hotel:

PaperCity: How does your extensive global design work influence the design of Hyatt Centric, Austin?

Eric Ulmann: We believe that every space has a story to tell. This is as true of urban neighborhoods as it is of exotic locations. The origin of Hyatt Centric’s history is rooted in the rich history and dynamic cultural landscape of Austin, a renowned creative haven for artists and musicians.

Discovering local artisans while drawing on the rich history of Congress Avenue has allowed UCO to bring a dynamic narrative to life within the walls of the property. Hyatt Centric Austin showcases both the eccentricity and ingenuity of the city.

PC: What elements could you name that help bring the character of the hotel to life?
Ulmann: From artists to activists, musicians to merchants, hippies to hipsters, Austin becomes the backdrop for a bohemian lifestyle. Austin is a laid-back yet energetic place, a mecca not just for the musician, but a call to all who embrace all things local and all things independent.

The hotel’s interior spaces will be inspired by Austin’s bohemian and contemporary style, with nods to Texas’ rich local history and energetic music scene. The lifestyle hotel will feature an extensive collection of art created by local Austin-area artists, allowing guests to feel truly immersed in the city’s surroundings.

As the live music capital of the world, the hotel will feature quirky touches like guitar amp bedside tables and vintage concert posters. Guests can listen to bands play at the rooftop bar or explore the acclaimed restaurants and lounges that surround Congress Avenue.

PC: The linear glass atrium under the cantilevered step of the building almost looks like a waterfall in the middle of the city. How would you describe his point of view?
Ulmann: The eighth floor bar and La Bis outdoor lounge gave us a moment to connect guests with a bird’s eye view of the downtown skyline, including the Paramount Theatre, Texas State Capitol, Congress Avenue, North Austin nightlife, SoCo vintage shopping and more.

We think it’s a staple among locals and visitors alike to take in the view of Congress Avenue for a quick bite to eat or a late-night cocktail.

UCO Studio has incorporated rich woods and other Hill Country tones into the design of the Hyatt Centric Austin.
UCO Studio has incorporated rich woods and other Hill Country tones into the design of the Hyatt Centric Austin.

PC: The interior of the lobby space is very earthy with greens and browns. Why did you choose this program in bustling Austin, Texas?
Ulmann: As a hub for creatives, we wanted interiors to inspire customers, boost productivity and contribute to a stronger sense of well-being.

While Hyatt Centric and Congress Avenue are located in the bustling city, Austin has beautiful hills and lakes on the urban outskirts. We’ve taken these natural spaces and brought them into the interiors to provide a connection to the environment throughout all of the hotel’s amenity spaces.

The avant-garde rooms at the soon-to-open Hyatt Centric Austin are both elegant and bohemian.
The avant-garde rooms at the soon-to-open Hyatt Centric Austin are both elegant and bohemian.

OBMI Studio UCO is quickly accumulating quite an impressive hotel portfolio ― from hotels to completed projects for developers and restaurateurs. This includes the Taj Goa Resort in India, St. Regis Resort in Bermuda and the soon-to-debut Hyatt Centric Austin, which is already booking reservations for stays beginning Oct. 5.

UCO was founded to become what it calls “space storytellers”. In addition to offering branding, lighting design and artistic consultation on projects around the world, the resorts and boutique hotels she designs are designed to embody the cities they call home. them.

Soon everyone will see what that means at the Hyatt Centric Austin.

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