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A large, community-wide event like Restaurant Week can be the perfect boost to start 2022 off successfully. Without a doubt, it has become a community favorite across the country. Consumers are drawn in by the promise of discounted meals at their favorite restaurants, as well as by new arrivals and trends. Meanwhile, operators have the opportunity to grow their customer databases and turn new customers into loyal regulars. That said, the fight against supply chain and labor shortages and the imperative to keep everyone safe continue to put restaurateurs in a difficult position.

Fortunately, using the right technology in the right way can help you do more with less to improve your customer experience and improve your profit margins. Here is your 2022 guide to a successful Restaurant Week.

Take advantage of technology

Often the best solution isn’t as elusive as we think, and that’s certainly the case with new restoration technologies designed to let you do more with less. For example, a portable point-of-sale device will allow you to turn tables faster, improve order accuracy and speed up service. And the numbers don’t lie: at SpotOn, our restaurant customers have found that by adding three portable devices, they can serve more than 5 additional tables per day. With an average check of $40, that could be up to $70,000 in new revenue without adding a dime in additional labor costs.

And that’s not all. A kitchen display system (KDS) can dramatically improve your operations by digitally routing orders to the kitchen and then following them. So if you need to deal with larger crowds, your staff can easily manage order queues, customize staff alerts, and more.

Go digital

Restaurant week is all about creating great dining experiences, and in the age of the pandemic, that means moving away from the old dine-in-only standards and offering enticing take-out options.

Restaurant week is all about creating great dining experiences, and in the age of the pandemic, that means moving away from the old dine-in-only standards and offering enticing take-out options.

An online direct digital ordering platform can help increase efficiency in several ways. First, customers prefer to order directly from a restaurant, not only because they feel better knowing that they are supporting them directly, but because it’s easier. If a customer searches for a restaurant and finds their website, especially since they can place their order as soon as something delicious catches their eye.

To ease the “party” part of the “party or famine” conundrum that can intimidate owners and operators considering offering online ordering, pacing features allow you to control the number of online orders your restaurant can run in a given amount of time by setting parameters that set you up for success.

Plus, by communicating seamlessly with customers about their order status and pickup times, it’s easier to keep customers happy. Finding technology that integrates with third-party platforms while you transition to an online direct ordering platform also allows you to start training customers to order directly from you without missing any opportunities along the way.

With the right online/mobile ordering solution, you’ll not only streamline this process, you’ll also avoid costly delivery commissions and own your own customer data, helping you maintain lasting relationships throughout the year. , not just during Restaurant Week.

Don’t forget the QR codes. From working with fewer staff to accommodating customers’ desire for contactless options, QR codes make it easier to order and pay. All guests have to do is scan a QR code at the table or even from a sandwich board while waiting in line, to place an order, add an appetizer, order another drink, then pay where they are ready, when they are ready.

Optimize your menu

Creating a menu that appeals to both customers and your bottom line will set you apart from other restaurants. Be sure to include your top sellers, long-time favorites, and anything that makes your restaurant unique. This way, you can make a memorable first impression to keep them coming back after restaurant week.

Also, it can be an opportunity to show your appreciation to your staff. Allow them to show off their talents and creativity and let them add a dish to the menu. You can even make it a contest.

Finally, don’t forget your bottom line. Think cost-effective and scalable offers for larger than usual crowds. Do you know your restaurant’s food cost percentage and plate cost of each course? If not, calculating the cost-benefit ratio of menu items can be a great starting point when planning restaurant week. Dive into the data in your point of sale reports and find out what works and what doesn’t. Also factoring in rising food prices, you work with the ingredients that make the most sense. The right tech tool for your restaurant will have all of your costs and sales in one place and can also break them down by ingredient.

Reward your loyal customers

A loyalty program allows you to increase your profits by enticing your customers to come more often, and Restaurant Week gives you the perfect opportunity to significantly increase your customer list. Does your loyalty program need a refresh? Update your incentives for the week. For example, offer a new reward with registration. This allows you to translate every Restaurant Week order into a chance to capture customer insights and insights to stay connected and deliver tailored incentives. This way, you can turn one-time crowds into long-term loyal customers.

Stay in touch and engage your guests

Take an omnichannel marketing approach to ensure you’re discovered where your customers are. Use email, text, and social media to let your current customers know you’re participating in Restaurant Week. Attract new customers and expand your reach on social media using event hashtags, official logos and materials. And remember to be proactive and connect with event organizers to make sure you’re on the list for any promotional opportunities such as media interviews, cooking demonstrations, etc.

Being a restaurant owner comes with a unique set of challenges. You manage employees, finances, compliance, and many other elements of the business. Restaurant Week offers you a unique opportunity to reach new and old audiences and ignite their passion for your restaurant. With these strategies, the support of your staff, and the right technology, you can turn the week into a resounding success that will pay dividends in the future.

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