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If you are a hotel or restaurant business that uses outdoor space, you will know that outdoor furniture and accessories can be devastated by the weather. Challenged by frequent rains, strong winds and humid weather, your exterior design can struggle to stay on point. The good news is that there are several ways to revitalize this important space.

Add a lick of paint

Has your outdoor furniture lost its color? Is your fence starting to look a bit chipped, with multiple bleached spots here and there? You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint will make on outdoor items. It’s an inexpensive, effortless and effective way to instantly impact the vitality and vigor of your outdoor space.

Why not try painting your fence black? It will feel like it has magically disappeared and transform into a neutral backdrop that will really highlight any greenery you may have on display.

Remove rust from metal objects

Rust is a year-round problem. It thrives in dry, hot climates, but can also grow and thrive in harsher, humid and rainy conditions. Therefore, it is very likely that your metal garden furniture will start to corrode at some point.

If you spot rust on your outdoor items (e.g. outdoor heaters), don’t worry. There are a few simple and cost-effective solutions that can solve the problem. First, the anti-corrosion spray is able to provide high coverage and adhesion. It is also available in different colors to match the hue of your furniture. Practical, right?

Second, white vinegar can also do the trick. Pour it on the surface of your furniture, let it sit for about an hour, then wipe it off. Just make sure you wear gloves and use a rag to clean up the rust.

Decorate with fabrics

There may be instances where rain and bad weather take over your outdoor items. It sure is nerve-wracking, but why not breathe new life into them by experimenting with cheap and cheerful fabrics?

Indeed, a tablecloth will successfully revamp a tired garden table. Likewise, a pair of cushions will hide all the worn and damaged components of the outdoor chairs. In addition, the fabrics will bring a much-needed touch of color to your garden and create a more lively atmosphere.

That said, keep an eye out for those ominous dark clouds. If the fabrics are not waterproof, it would be wise to bring them inside before the rain arrives.

Flower old chairs

Another way to upcycle a used garden item is to reinvent its purpose. One idea might be to turn it into elegant flower beds.

For example, an old weathered chair could become the perfect vase for vibrant plants. Remove the seat and staple a fabric in the gap; Then fill it with compost and watch your flowers grow. It also allows you to raise your plants off the ground, making them more visible for everyone to enjoy.

Illuminate Plants with Stake Lights

With the arrival of the colder months, the days get shorter and the evenings get darker earlier. This, however, should not necessarily hamper outdoor activities. Do you still want to organize barbecues or garden parties? You may want to consider lighting your plants and flowers with stake lights.

They are very affordable and give your garden a tasteful decorative touch. Stake lights are particularly impactful inside planters, creating a sophisticated atmosphere for your outdoor events.

The harsh, damp conditions of colder seasons can easily pose a threat to your outdoor furniture. With these tips at the ready, however, you can bring your tired items back to life in an easy and inexpensive way.


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